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Steyn City Social Responsibility

Road upgrade to benefit all commuters says Steyn City

Johannesburg 27 February 2013 - Media Release

The developers of Steyn City, the visionary mixed-use lifestyle development currently underway in Northern Johannesburg, are ensuring that all road users will benefit from the William Nicol Drive (R511) and Erling Street interchange upgrades. In response to a call from the community, and taking heed of their concerns, raised sidewalks on each side of the busy roadway will be constructed as dedicated lanes for cyclists and pedestrians with allowance for crossing intersections. The implementation of the dedicated lanes as part of the first phase of the project will stretch from Mulbarton Street up to the Erling Street interchange.

“With William Nicol being a primary route for commuters, many of whom travel daily by bicycle or on foot, it is imperative that their safety is prioritised when one considers our national road safety record,” comments Steyn City Properties CEO Giuseppe Plumari. “The increasing demand on Johannesburg’s urban roads has not only resulted in traffic congestion, but also in an increase in the number of accidents, many of which involve pedestrians and cyclists. As developers, we need to ensure that an improved and safer road infrastructure is in place for all road users before the anticipated surge in traffic, as a result of development in the area.”

The upgrade includes the extension of Erling Road eastwards towards Main Road, which has been planned for many years by the Department; however input from private sector has enabled this section to be rolled out simultaneously with the William Nicol Drive roadworks. Estimated to reach completion in April 2014, the upgrade will transform William Nicol Drive into a four lane dual carriageway from Mulbarton Street through to Erling Street, with future plans to extend it through to the N14.

“Partnering with Government for these upgrades and contributing towards the servicing of neighbouring developments and communities is an important part of our mandate. We want Steyn City to bring benefits to as many stakeholders in the region as possible, including all commuters, as well cycling enthusiasts, so they can utilise this stretch of the road with peace of mind,” concludes Plumari.

Road Upgrade
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