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Residential Philosophy at Steyn City

"A city like no other; centred on people not cars, offering access to a multitude of lifestyle activities, in a safe and secure environment." Douw Steyn's deep love for South Africa means that even though he's a self-made billionaire, who has achieved global success, he has invested his wealth back into the country to create a truly South African city. Steyn City harks back to the cities of old and their grand human scale, centred on community living and people walking everywhere.

The key consideration in the design of Steyn City was to build a city that gives priority to people, not cars! The achieve this, a perimeter ring road was build, from which an 18km promenade meanders inward through our parkland residence, creating a network of pathways between the various nodes.

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Each node is designated a character, and may thus be a sports node, a fitness node, a childrens playground node, etc. Residents will be able to walk for kilometres without having to navigate roads with vehicles. In theory, residents could walk from one end of the 2000 acre residentail parkland to the other - if you're fit enough of course.

We at Steyn City believe we are fulfilling the inherent need within people for human interaction. We are giving people the opportunity to 'take back their suburbs', instead of putting up fences, and thus breaking down barriers. This is why the decision was made to have no boundary walls between properties within our parkland residence. This creates an open space for people to live and work, and a place where 'everyone truly knows your name'

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