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Innovative Infrastructure at Steyn City Parkland Residence

The innovative approach to infrastructure taken at Steyn City has resulted in Big Performance across the board. This is evident in facilities such as our heliport and hangar, and on-site convenience of a fueling station equipped with car wash, convenience store and coffee shop.

However, it is in the area of connectivity that it moves into 'smart' gear. A pre-installed fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) cable network, encompassing all homes and business sectors of Steyn City., supports new generation connection speeds and data carrying capacity. This system of the future is compatible with any service provider of choice.

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Innovative Infrastructure

Steyn City's role as a major stakeholder in the area has resulted in it providing substantial financial support for government's master planning for the region. This has seen the fast-tracking of regional infrastructure upgrades, including:

Innovative Infrastructure
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