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A Green Steyn City Parkland Residence

When you step outdoors at Steyn City, you need to know that the playing field is big - lifestyle big. You will find scenic picnic areas throughout our parkland, river walks that offer scenic splendour, and many dams to fish in.

Our primary walkway around our parkland residence is the 14 kilometre Promenade. It is fully lit for those evening walks.

At the best vantage points, our local artists creations will be found, offering a welcome resting spot with splendid views. Many of the artworks are purpose built benches, some offering shade.

An alternate walkway, during off-peak times, is the golf cart track. This winds its way over bridges, shadowing the full length of the golf course.

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Some of the walkways will take you to hushed bird hides, or passed streams and ponds. No matter where you roam along our walkways, one thing you will most certainly notice, and that is nature. Open, natural surroundings.

Keep a watch out for the amazing birdlife found at Steyn City. Update your life list, or start your very first one.

There are also many other wonders of nature you may spot while taking a stroll along the Promenade or any of the other walkways at Steyn City. You may spot a duiker, squirrels or a water monitor or two, or even a 1000-year old tree.

All we ask is that you respect that they also have the right to be here, and not try to chase, capture or hurt them. They do not pose a threat to anyone, and most certainly won't hurt you.

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