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Steyn City Social Responsibility

Steyn City supports eco Clean Up in Diepsloot

Johannesburg - January 2016

Steyn City is supporting a Diepsloot Wetland Clean Up Programme as part of an on-going initiative run by a group of organisations; Diepsloot Arts & Culture Network, Diepsloot Extension 1, Wetland Working Group, GCRO Research Project (collaboration partners CGRP, Sticky Situations, Bontle Ke Thlago, Engineering Faculty) and GEKCO Kyalami conservancy community.

The first site earmarked for clean-up in Diepsloot Extension 1 affects residents with drainage and rubbish dumping challenges with no localised refuse infrastructure.

Comments Jennifer van der Bussche, founder of Sticky Situations "The wetland area has become a dumping ground where the rubbish and pollutants threaten the natural environment killing bird and plant life and spreading disease creating a greater health risk to the residents of Diepsloot."

With a bakkie load of wheelbarrows, rakes, shovels, forks, hoes, plenty of manpower, and refreshments for all the volunteers and a TLB, Steyn City's landscaping team were among the local volunteers who rolled up their sleeves for clean-up action.

Comments Giuseppe Plumari, CEO of Steyn City Properties, "This clean- up programme in our neighbouring community is in line with our offering to our residents where they are able to enjoy outdoor spaces with indigenous planting. It is vital that Diepsloot residents have green and secure areas for recreational purposes and we are delighted to assist these community organisations."

On day three, 23 January, the programme focuses on beautification and planting indigenous trees and plants as well as creating a timber playground.

A week later, the action group will protect the areas with fencing and provide concrete seating.

February sees a roll-out of the same programme in other identified sites within Diepsloot 1 and heeds a call to the public and local businesses to offer their support by providing tools, supplies, manpower or funding to make this initiative a reality for the people of Diepsloot. For further information, contact Sticky Situations on 082 367 7806

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